Stop and Read.

If you don't know what you're buying and you're buying due to shiny object syndrome from a case study - please educate yourself on what a PBN link is.

PBNs have risks associated with their use. 

If your site is quite literally brand new it DOES NOT need PBN links

They are not designed to bolster your link profile for cheap like a lot of you are doing. They're used to PUSH RANKs when you're already ranking.

Unlike your other vendors, I actively reject orders due to high risk link profiles. If your link profile consists of poorly setup PBN links from fly-by-night providers, SAPE/injected links, pure spam, link-farm style guest posts en-masse, you will be rejected and your order will be refunded.

This service is intended for TIER 2 as it protects your domain as a buffer. 

With that said, they do work when pointed directly at your site (Tier 1). If you're unsure of what Tier 1 and Tier 2 means, please research the topic before ordering.

If you know and understand the above, feel free to purchase. You will be reminded again upon placing your order if you opt to got Tier 1.

ALSO: This is not a guaranteed ranking service. 

Every single site, niche, vertical, etc. is different. Some sites take off like they have rocket ship shoved up their ass, some flatline, some go down. I have absolutely no idea how my links will affect your site.

10 PBN Links*


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*It's possible to buy more than 10.

The maximum number of posts on tier 1 is 40.
The maximum number of posts on tier 2 is 50. 

Do not buy more than 10 at a time without messaging me.
Please read before ordering

Frequently Asked Questions.

Most if not all questions you might have are answered here. If you don't see an answer, please email me before ordering.
Will I receive a report?
You will never a receive a physical report from me of the actual links being used. If this isn't to your liking, do not order.

I haven’t given out a report in 9 years. This is to ensure the safety of the network. You can, however, check webmaster tools for the links, as I don’t block Google. 

On delivery, you will receive a screenshot of my excel work files detailing your selected URLs, their target anchors, and their scheduled post dates. You will also receive details as to what to expect in the coming weeks as posts index.
How long do posts stay on the homepage?
The posts are permanent on the blogs and will be on the homepage for about 8 weeks (or longer) and then roll off into the inner pages.
How many posts do I need to rank?
Links are a super small part of the overarching game we’re playing. Every single site, niche, and vertical is different. To make a long story short: I have no idea and neither does anyone else.
Changing orders at a later date
Be 100% sure of your order when you make it. 

Even if that means you want to have a discussion with me before I process the order, we can do that for as long as you want. 

I will not change posts after they have been posted/indexed and scheduled. I can absolutely remove them but you won’t be refunded.
Do you offer bulk discounts?
Do you allow foreign language sites?
No, I do not. 

Google has direct patents for ways of detecting spam, one of them is related to language shifts. 

For that reason, I do not allow languages besides English on the network. That includes using English anchors to hyperlink to a landing page that's in a foreign language.
What is your turn around time?
Turn around time is hard to state and highly depends on current order volume.

Typically from your order date it will take 14-16 days before the first post is dripped out. After which your posts drip out for 30 days (standard for 10 posts). 

All orders are delivered in ~30 days from the working date with drip feed schedules provided.
What niches don't you allow?
CBD, Marijuana, Vape, SARMs, Steroids, Porn, Pharma, Pills, Adult, Blackhat/illegal, Gambling/casino/sports betting, Payday loans, APKs, Kratom, social network likes, follows, views, followers services, Forex/MLM/Ponzi, etc. aren't allowed on the network. 

Also check the AUP of BBH the people we use to host this network:

If your niche is found on that AUP, it will be rejected as BBH will auto-suspend the hosting any content that remotely relates to those niches. 

If you have any reason to believe I may not allow your site, please message me before ordering.
Are these blogs being used niche specific?

They are general blogs that provide posts to all niches that I allow. 

This is just another reason to go tier 2. 

What People Say About This Service

Franklin Hatchett
"I've said it before and I'll say it again, this guy has the best links and actually cares about his PBNs. If you want someone who looks after his network and produces results then Hatred's links are what you need..."
Shepzy Customer
"Amazing to work with, seriously knowledgeable and will work with you to get your order right. Follow up was impeccable and very detailed. This is the standard that all other Legiit suppliers should strive to achieve. I would rate them 10 out of 5 (if that was even possible, which obviously, it isn't and never will be). But for now, take my word on it - they're not here to fuck spiders. Order with them, unless of course, you're my competition.."
James Gregory
"Dillon really takes care of his buyers. He has some new private networks that I can attest from #45 to #4 for a high CPC 12.1k phrase. Not bad at all."
Charles Floate
"Probably the best Tier 2 PBN Network right now available on the market" - January 2021
Geoff Customer
"Always see positive SERP movement when using the service. Best thing I've found on legiit"