What the Heck Do You Mean by “Tier 2”

July 3, 2024

Imagine a pyramid.

  • 0 is the pinnacle, your site.
  • 1 is any link that interacts with your site directly – it links directly to tier 0.
  • 2 is a link that links to 1 – it links indirectly to 0.

So that setup looks like this:

tiering example

So in the above:

  • Tier 0 is Homesandgardens.com
  • Tier 1 are links that homesandgardens.com has from Consumerworld.org and Sleepfoundation.org.
  • Tier 2 are Hatred PBN links that are then linked to tier 1, which indirectly benefits Homesandgardens.com on tier 0.

Why Would a Person Do This?

TL;DR it’s safer.

By going tier 2, it avoids the potential for:

  • If one of my blogs gets deindexed and you had a link from me, you avoid that.
  • You can turn the faucet off at any given time. Meaning, you can kill the tier 1 link and suddenly, poof! My links are gone too.
  • You’re using less anchors at your site – meaning less potential to fuck something up. Lots of you still spam exact match anchors, now do that 10x – boom overoptimized.
  • They look worse than proper tier 1 links. My network is $20 per post, they have compromises on tier 1 but with AI they’ve gotten objectively better. Unlike other providers though, they’re time tested and proven to cause positive rank transitions – re-tested yearly mind you.