Please Read this Document in it’s Entirety Before Submitting Your Order.

For folks that subscribe to the Too Lazy; Didn’t Read mentality, here you go:

  • You should have a total of 10 (or X amount) anchors in your submission, whether they’re repeated or not. If you buy 20 posts and send me 4 anchors, what am I suppose to do with the other 16?
  • I do not allow best, cheap, buy, near me, review, top, as well as a few others in anchors. This is done in order to avoid certain algorithms that target these anchors. People were getting hit for using them so i’ve stopped allowing them.
  • You don’t have to be hyper-aggressive with anchors anymore (read the guides below as a starting point).
  • This isn’t an SEO consult. You should have a general idea of what you want to do with your order.

If you send me an order that isn’t filled out properly. I will notify you and tell you to re-read this document.

One of the biggest issues I’m seeing with orders in 2021 is still this mentality of hyper-aggressive anchors.

I noted in 2017:

“Basically I can do whatever you want to do for posts. Google is slapping sites with hyper-aggressive anchor text profiles, if you still prefer 10 posts to all money keywords, I can do that. Just remember I offer zero refunds after work is complete.”

Yet I’m continuing to see this over and over. I decided to create this page so people can send me better orders and hopefully improve their rankings and SEO efforts even more.

Orders I’m referring to:

money keyword
money keyword
money keyword
money keyword 2
money keyword 2
money keyword 2
money keyword 3
money keyword 3
money keyword 3
money keyword 3

This doesn’t look natural and Google will not favor this as an anchor text strategy.

I do my best to drip feed orders and mix feed times if you have multiple URLs so that you don’t bounce and your site won’t tank, but this sort of anchor strategy is not viable in 2021 nor do you even have to approach off-page this way anymore.

Recent algo updates seem to have discouraged this and going branded with anchors is safer and allows for progressive growth. That isn’t to say partial/phrase match shouldn’t be used but not in the manner above.

Please note: Don’t come back months later to complain though, you won’t have my sympathy.

Helping You Choose Better Anchors

There recently have been some killer guides related to anchor text:

If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you read them.

Matt talks specifically about anchors and goes over things I’m also seeing and applying to my own sites.

Charles goes over ecom as a whole but talks about anchor text specifically and his anchor text for a client target site.

This is referenced from Charles’ guide:

“If we were targeting the Wayfair Beds page, and we were building 10 links, Iā€™d likely go with the following anchors ā€“

Wayfair Beds
beds from
aa number of options
Beds on Wayfair
as seen on
as seen here
Beds Online
Beds At Wayfair”

This would be a solid order. A mix of brand variations, target+brand (brand+target), naked variations, and niche generic. I do have people that continue to order like this and see awesome growth.

The people that keep ordering with exact/phrase match en masse are either killing their sites or seeing drops as a result. That or they see initial gains, and then fall later.

Note: I do not allow “best, cheap, review, top, near me, as well as a few others in anchors. Too many people were getting hit for using them so I’ve stopped allowing them.

What to Send Me for Your Order

Now that I’ve got that out of the way. The next bit goes over order details and what I’m after when you order. I’m not big on playing guessing games about what you’re after; Be forthcoming with your thought process and I’ll give the best answer I can.

If you were to order 10 posts, You need to send me 1-10 URLs as well as 10 anchors associated with those URLs. The same could be said for 20, 30, or 40 posts. I need to know exactly what you’re after.

For instance, if you bought 10 posts for a dog website:

We can do 10 urls, but there may be a serious lack of movement; This is because people lack an internal link structure or silo in order to funnel juice around your site.

If you practice solid on-site SEO and want to use 10 URLs, let’s go for it. I even encourage using 10 posts to different pages as it looks more natural than sending 10 posts to 1 page for 30 days.

Order details outline like this:


Anchors associated with that URL.


Anchors associated with that URL.


Anchors associated with that URL.


This also isn’t an SEO consult. You as the SEO should have an idea of what you want to do with your site and anchor text. Don’t order and tell me what to pick for your site. You know what has been done previously and what’s been used, I don’t.

This is a bad order:



How am I suppose to know what to do for the other 4 anchors?